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Hey Gooners!!!!

All you Gunners out there, I welcome to you my blog, Blazing Cannons!!

There might be a thousand, or even a million Arsenal-related blogs out there, but I’d like to think that mine is different from others!!! The reason, I don’t know myself! You will just have to wait and see!

I have been a Gooner since 2004, when the most talented team to play in English football lifted the glistening Premier League trophy on a sunkissed Highbury pitch after playing out a near-perfect season!!!Yes, the team we are talking about is ‘THE ARSENAL’.

I like to call it ‘THE ARSENAL’ rather than just Arsenal, as it adds a bit of class to an already classy entity.Well, George Graham, the Arsenal manager in the late 80’s and the early 90’s did term it so!!

Anyways I would like to get my blog up and running by telling you how exactly I became an ardent ‘Arse’!!

Well, it all began in 2003, when Arsenal played Manchester United at Old Trafford!!Any guesses which game it was?Yup, it was the game when Ruud van Nistelrooy, plonked his penalty against the post in extra time and the whole of the Arsenal lot, messrs Martin Keown, Ashley Cole, Lauren, a few to name squared on the already embarrased Dutchman!!Boy, was that a moment to cherish or what?!!

To tell you the truth, I had as much knowledge about football then as any animal from the zoo!!!Yes, I was the guy who thought, all games ended in a penalty shootout if it was a drawing scoreline!!!(I am sure you have met the kind!!

Guess what, the next day all the newspapers in town(Yes, all newspapers, in a cricket-drenched country, like ours), were going gung-ho about the incident!!And, fortunately, it caught my eye!!

It was all over news channels, and there were even football pundits blasting Arsenal’s temparement!!All this anti-Arsenal rant made me a Manchester United fan for a month!!!Damn, it is sad, but it’s the truth!!The last thing a Gooner would want to hear is a fellow Gooner supporting his rival team in his past!! Well, my decision to become an Arsenal fan is one I have not regretted once!! 🙂

Call me Glory Hunter,or whatever, over the course of the month, Manchester United were inconsistent, while Arsenal were rattling victory over victory!!And, two players, in particular, who really made an impression on me were Thierry Henry(ofcourse) and Robert Pires!!!They scored some astonishing strikes.Slowly but surely, I was shifting my loyalties!!!I actually didnt watch too many games that season,I just followed the results from time to time.It was a head to head tussle between the Gooners and the Red Devils almost throughout the course of the season.

As good as French wine!!

Well, eventually, we all know how it ended!!Arsenal had done the unthinkable, by going through an entire league campaign, without losing a single game!!!It was a feat, matched after nearly 110 years, and to do it in the modern era, in the style and panache, that was on display, was really an achivement of epic proportions.:-)

The commentator’s words that afternoon, still send goosebumps down my spine!!


The Invincibles!!

I would like to introduce my friends, who first actually got me watching the Beautiful Game!!!They are:

1)Dheeraj Mascarenhas, who still can’t decide if he supports Liverpool or Manchester United, because of his love towards Michael Owen;

2)Siddarth Bhaskar, a long-time Manchester United fan, who adores Ruud van Nistelrooy, and Michael Schumacher!!!

3)Krishnadev Moothandaserry(Yes, that’s his name..), another Manure asshole, who adored Juan Pablo Montoya!!

4)And finally, Sumegh Ail, the first Gunner I have come across!!!He loved the game, in its most beautiful form,hence his support for the Gunners and the Catalans.He kinda idolised Thierry Henry, making me wonder why, in my earlier days of footballing ignorance;but now we all know why!!

5)Rohit Kumar Das, who didn’t know shit about football, but just made fun of all of us!!! 😀

Well, this is certainly a start to my blog!!!Hope you liked it guys!!!Please leave comments for me!!!The rest of my days as a Gunners fan, coming up soon in more blog posts!!!So, keep hanging around!!!

I invite Gunner articles from any of you Gunners out there!!! 🙂
Just give me a ping at

Jai Arsenal!!! 😀


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