Indian Gooners Speak Out – Part I

12 Jul

Hello Gooners. Today I am trying something new. As my blog approaches 100,000 readers *cue trumpets and whistles*, I will run a series of articles over the next few days where I interview some fellow Gooners from India, who will share some of their thoughts about the club. Some are my friends, whom I know since college days, and even school days, while others are the ones I met through social networking. There is just one thing common in us, and that is passion for Arsenal.

The first 3 Cannonheads I am questioning are @laren2j, @vvneagleone and @tojo_90.

Well, @laren2j is a Web developer, who is also the CEO of one of the top technology sites in the country, Geektech, and a good friend of mine for the past couple of years.

@vvneagleone and @tojo_90 are rather secretive figures. Probably CIA (CID in India) operatives, who claim to support the Gunners. Apt, ain’t it?

1) When did you start supporting Arsenal? Which year was it?

@laren2j – I started supporting Aresenal 6 years back in 2005.

@vvneagleone – 2006

@tojo_90 – 2005-ish

2) How old were you when you started supporting Arsenal?

@laren2j – I was 18 yrs old then.

@vvneagleone – 13

@tojo_90 – 15

3) Did you start off by supporting one of the more popular clubs like Manchester United? Be honest.

@laren2j – Yes, I started supporting Chelsa at first when I was in PUC and then I had a friend who told me why is Arsenal a btter team.

@vvneagleone – No

@tojo_90 – No

4) What most do you like about Arsenal and why. And you can name only one thing.

@laren2j – The History, thank you Supreet for enlighting me more about Arsenal.. 😛

@vvneagleone – Enjoy watching their style of passing.

@tojo_90 – They were a young team,very easy to sympathize with and it snowballed from there

5) Thierry Henry or Dennis Berkgkamp? And why?

@laren2j – Well I like Thierry Henry and I have seen him play and I am a great fan of his.

@vvneagleone –  Dennis Bergkamp. I just cannot say why. I loved every single thing he did.

@tojo_90 – Henry. He was the best in the world.

6) Your most joyous moment as a Gunner?

@laren2j – January 21, 2007: Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United, this was the last time we beat Manchester United.

As your Arsenal history guru, I am bitterly disappointed, cos the last time we beat them was in May 2011, and we watched that match bozo!

@vvneagleone – Fairly, there isn’t a single one. There are many. I don’t evaluate them, I enjoy them a lot.

@tojo_90 – Honestly , 2007 against Bolton comeback to win 3-2. Really thought we were going to win the league that year.

7) Your most disappointing moment as a Gunner?

@laren2j – August 28th, 2011: Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal, and I had to watch it with Manchester United fans… 😦

That you remember! And with the date too! 

@vvneagleone –  ^The same answer, with appropriate word replacements.

@tojo_90 – Carling Cup final vs Birmingham ’nuff said

8) Is Arsene Wenger still the man for the job at Arsenal? And why?

@laren2j – Without Wenger Arsenal would be nothing. I dont think any manager would be able to handle a team like Arsenal. Its evident if we look at our transfer history, and Arsenal has built many class players.

@vvneagleone – YES


@tojo_90 – Yes(sorta) .It’s the players that have let him down time and again. Though his stubbornness gets pretty exasperating,no-one in the world could do what he does at Arsenal.

9) If no, then who would you like to see at the helm and why?

@laren2j –

@vvneagleone –

@tojo_90 –

10) What would you opt for if you were the CEO of the club? The self sustainable model, which is at place, with moderate spending and sparse silverware, or the ‘Petrocash’, which is being used by Chelsea and Manchester City to win trophies at will?

@laren2j – It’s not that easy to manage a team, Yes spending money and buying all the class you need and winning a trophy is not what we are looking for. Well we had lot of rumours that 2012 season is going to be a bad one for Arsenal when we saw Nasri and Fabregas leave, and there were many predictions saying we will hardly make it to the top 6 on the table. I dont want to change anything in Arsenal but yes I would love to see us lifiting a silverware.

@vvneagleone – Self sustainable. I cannot understand what it is that makes some ‘Arsenal fans’ want to see the club play ugly football and win trophies. Just for the club name? For the fact that they were supporting it when it used to win and they want to be ‘loyal’? I love how we play!

@tojo_90 – Lets see how well this upcoming youngsters do at Arsenal,if they fail then I’m afraid ‘ PeteroCash ‘ because the basis of the sustainable model was the emphasis on youth development.So for now i guess sustainable model till we see the results of this current crop.

11) A one line message for Robin van Persie, who looks set to leave. And this could also be a message for Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Adebayor etc.

@laren2j – *BLANK*

@vvneagleone –  —(I’m blank – I mean I’ve thought about this, but I’m just blank now).

@tojo_90 – All the best in your future endeavours (we are Arsenal, no need to be trashy 🙂 )

12) Who would you like to see as Arsenal’s captain next season? And why?

@laren2j – Thomas Vermaelen, He is the man who gets the team morale high and he was a captain in Ajax.

@vvneagleone – Vermaelen. He’s been incredibly loyal, understated, underrated as a player by other clubs.

@tojo_90 – Song or Sagna They have been in the first team the longest and are guaranteed first-teamers and I want to see if they will step up if they are captain.

13) Any specific signings you would like to see at the club?

@laren2j – Christian Eriksen, Danish Football Player of the Year.

@vvneagleone –  Baines. And some mid-forward player who can take long range shots, for when we’re playing against compact defending.

@tojo_90 – CAM *cough* Jovetic *cough*. We need some one to create more chances for us. RVP aside from all the goals and assists also created a lot of goals. Rosicky and Diaby(sorta) are the only players who can play that position both are pretty injury prone.

14) Realistically, what are your aspirations for next season?

@laren2j –  I feel we are going to kick some ass. Well I want to start the season with a positive attitude… 😛

@vvneagleone – Coming third by a short way off second, not twenty points off it. I expect the season to be more competitive between Chelsea and City than City and United.

@tojo_90 – *sigh* Without RVP its very unpredictable depends a LOT on how the new signings perform

15) One thing that you would like to change at Arsenal?

@laren2j – I dont know….Chamakh 😛

@vvneagleone – Some of the pathetic fans. Get Usmanov off some of the ownership, he doesn’t deserve it.

@tojo_90 – Offload the deadwood. So many players sitting and doing fuck-all screwing up our wage bill as well.More efficient use of that please…

16) Your favorite player at the club right now? And why?

@laren2j – Thomas Vermaelen

@vvneagleone – There isn’t just one… Sagna, Kos, Verm, Wilshere.

@tojo_90 – Song. Honestly he is the best kept secret in european football and one of the best defensive midfielders in the world.

17) One player, past or present, you think you would have done better than?

@laren2j – Chamakh…lol

@vvneagleone – Silvestre. The fantastic one-two with Messi was timeless 😀

@tojo_90 – Almunia

18) Your favorite Arsenal goal?

@laren2j – Henry scoring a great goal in North London Derby between Arsenal and Tottenham in 2002.

@vvneagleone – Again, just like question 6.

@tojo_90 – Fabregas against Tottenham… 6 touches from half-line to the goal.

19) Arrange in order of hate..Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona, Tottenham, Stoke City? Any other, please mention.

@laren2j – Manchester United, Tottenham, Manchester City, Chelsea, Barcelona, Liverpool, Stoke City.

@vvneagleone – (Ascending) City = Tottenham = Barcelona, Stoke, Liverpool, Chelsea = United

@tojo_90 – Stoke and Man Utd at the top… all of the others except Liverpool tie second.Liverpool third ( hate is a pretty strong word )

20) Arsenal to win the Champions League before you die or a one night stand with the girl of your fantasy? Be honest!

@laren2j – I know Supreet you would never believe this but yes I choose Arsenal winning…lol

@vvneagleone – Um, I’m not really for one-night stands. ARSENAL TO WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

@tojo_90 – One night stand with Emma Stone.Because the Champions league victory is going to come anyways

Now, that’s what I call brutally honest!


I hope you enjoyed reading! Will be back with more parts soon! Hang around!


And, if you are interested to know more about Indian football, its clubs, rich history, and all the passion the country has for the beautiful game, do read Barefoot Indian Football Magazine. It is a nice site, with the latest in Indian football. You can also like their Facebook page.


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Go ahead you lazy bum, that’s all I ask of you!


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12 responses to “Indian Gooners Speak Out – Part I

  1. enigma106

    July 12, 2012 at 11:39 PM

    Weldone Supreetkini,

    It’s good to know the opinions of more Gooners out there. I share the same concept with Gooners in Nigeria, maybe someday we could do a podcast together in the near future

  2. supreetkini

    July 12, 2012 at 11:42 PM

    Yes, sure enigma106!! Like in Nigeria, there’s massive support for ‘The Arsenal’ out here!!


    • enigma106

      July 13, 2012 at 12:04 PM

      Cheers mate! Good job with the blog as well

  3. Sank

    July 12, 2012 at 11:48 PM

    I m only fan here with all chealse fans teasing me in pune

  4. sidd

    July 13, 2012 at 1:03 AM

    take my interview lmao

  5. Tushar Agarwal

    July 13, 2012 at 1:26 AM

    amazing interview…wish i make it your list 😛

  6. sayak naha

    July 13, 2012 at 1:47 AM

    m a gooner too dat too frm india….hope 2 make ur list….

  7. A D Tej

    July 13, 2012 at 9:43 AM

    I am supporter of arsenal from year 2000 and I am from India. Kepp me in mind while doing any future endeavours.


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