Indian Gooners Speak Out – Part IV

17 Jul

Salut Gooners. Here’s the fourth edition of “Indian Gooners Speak Out”.

Today’s featured Gunners are @prithvirao17, @sidd_arsenal and @saptesh2010.

@prithvirao17 is a software engineer in Infosys, and I have known him since college days. Never seen the guy without an Arsenal shirt! Literally takes “Wearing your heart on your sleeves” to the next level.

@sidd_arsenal is a business graduate, and wait for it, a big time Arsenal fan. Arsenal runs his life everyday, every breath, even when drunk is Arsenal.

@saptesh2010 is another diehard Gooner I know since college days. He has completed his MBA(Marketing/Intl Business) and is on the verge of getting placed in Dalmia Group. He is a GAM3FR3AK, loves sleeping and some times short tempered 😛

1) When did you start supporting Arsenal? Which year was it?

@prithvirao17 – 2004. The day Arsenal’s unbeaten run ended.

@sidd_arsenal – The year was 1998, first game was versus I believe Manchester United, not too sure lol

@saptesh2010 – I started supporting arsenal in 2005.

2) How old were you when you started supporting Arsenal?

@prithvirao17 – 15 years

@sidd_arsenal – Well  I ain’t no mathematician but I am gonna say  8 years old or just about there.

@saptesh2010 – I was 17 years of age.

3) Did you start off by supporting one of the more popular clubs like Manchester United? Be honest.

@prithvirao17 – Nope. Its been Arsenal all the way.

@sidd_arsenal – Nope, not even close. Funny story, since I am such a lazy guy, when I did get my fifa game in the summer of 1998, I chose Arsenal, because that was first team on the frikkin list haha, fell in love with TiTi that day itself, figured lets see what Arsenal do, I watched that game, got mesmerised.  I did slack off in the middle years say 2002-2005, 2006 was when I became full time, but my allegiance to the Arsenal was always strong, just didn’t have the time you know, especially the world famous Dial up connection, don’t help ish(intended).

Er, Thierry Henry in the summer of 1998 at Arsenal? Anyways.. 😛

@saptesh2010 – No. not at all. I was particularly not into soccer in my childhood dayz. So one day my best childhood friend told me to watch arsenal’s game which turned me into a TRUE GUNNER.

4) What most do you like about Arsenal and why. And you can name only one thing.

@prithvirao17 – Beautiful, sexy and attacking football.

@sidd_arsenal – Sorry, I can’t name one thing, I don’t know which fan will say just one thing, I love everything about Arsenal, even if it’s Squillaci, no wait, I don’t like him . but yeah I love 99.999% of Arsenal .

@saptesh2010 – Their style of play. Its unique in its own ways

5) Thierry Henry or Dennis Berkgkamp? And why?

@prithvirao17 – Thierry. Simply because i haven’t seen much of Dennis at his peak.

@sidd_arsenal – I fell in love with Henry, trust me, its hard to pick or leave alone the Iceman, but sorry to the Lord above, Thierry was just magic, from that goal v Manchester United to any of those 229 goals, I loved him, actually  his strike rate, speed, efficiency and plus the skill and arrogance he had just made everything that special. Thanks to my best friend Obeid Peera (@ObeidP) he made fall in love with Thierry even more.

@saptesh2010 – TH14….. IMO He is no match for any player in this whole world. His finishing, ball control, the way he celebrate( when he used to be in arsenal), its just amazing.

6) Your most joyous moment as a Gunner?

@prithvirao17 – Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona at Emirates.

@sidd_arsenal – To me, just the way the fans responded to the win and how they were that night, the win against Barcelona 2-1 with that bitch ass strike which left valdes fucked up was my favorite moment but, the 2nd best, when we won the title unbeaten, seeing my idol Arsene hold that title was just a dream.

@saptesh2010 – For me  it would be ARSENAL winning any match against manu. To mention Arsenal 2-0 manu dated 8/10/2008. Cashri scoring double.

Er, dude, we won 2-1 😛

7) Your most disappointing moment as a Gunner?

@prithvirao17 – Man Utd 8-2 Arsenal

@sidd_arsenal – I bet a lot of fans would say the 8-2 drubbing but to me, the worst moment was when we lost 6-3 on aggregate to FCB, sorry that was just a sad night, we’re even lucky it was only 6-3 not 500-3.

@saptesh2010 – ARSENAL loosing in carling cup finals and the heart breaking UCL Finals to Barca

8) Is Arsene Wenger still the man for the job at Arsenal? And why?

@prithvirao17 – No. I think he should move now.

@sidd_arsenal – Well there is and always be only one man in my eyes, that’s AW, Why? Simply because he has done everything and anything to stay loyal to the fans and produced with the most crap board in history along with some half-decent players to actually to be up there.  some objectives set out by the board are just pure shockers, and this man does it alone, he runs whole damn place, he deserves credit not hate, what people don’t seem to know is, yeah he isn’t perfect, neither are you sir, but if the last 7 years taught me anything, its this, Arsene is the only guy who loves Arsenal more than any fan out there.

@saptesh2010 – YES… No doubt about it. It is very tough to manage a club which provides considerably less funds.The best part is he buys a player and sells the same player for atleast 10 times the actual price. U give the same amount of funds to any best football manager in this world and tell him to finish in top 4 i bet he would quit the job.

9) If no, then who would you like to see at the helm and why?

@prithvirao17 – Jurgen Klopp or Biesla. Both have great potential to take the club forward.

@sidd_arsenal – N/A, I don’t see Arsenal without Arsene and I think I would be in too much shock not to see him there.

@saptesh2010 –

10) What would you opt for if you were the CEO of the club? The self sustainable model, which is at place, with moderate spending and sparse silverware, or the ‘Petrocash’, which is being used by Chelsea and Manchester City to win trophies at will?

@prithvirao17 – Self Sustainable model. But make sure, what comes in player sales is used for player purchases.

@sidd_arsenal – I think I would use a mixture of both, I wouldn’t refuse pay packages but it should be for the right players, and sure as hell I aint paying chamakh and squidward there 60k/ week. Basically self sustainable but with adequate spending.

@saptesh2010 – Quality siginings and trophies. No wastage of money. Get a player whose worth the money you pay him.

11) A one line message for Robin van Persie, who looks set to leave. And this could also be a message for Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Adebayor etc.

@prithvirao17 – We were there before you, We’ll be there after you.


@saptesh2010 – U are a star today because of ARSENAL.

12) Who would you like to see as Arsenal’s captain next season? And why?

@prithvirao17 – Vermaelen. Thats a pretty obvious choice.

@sidd_arsenal – I would want Szczesny, but most likely its gonna be TV5. I would want Wojiciech to be captain because he is the guy I like, arrogant, doesn’t give up, talks trash, will do anything to win  and is vocal on the field.

@saptesh2010 – Undoubtedly, THOMAS VERMAELEN. I feel he has the class and potential to lead the team

13) Any specific signings you would like to see at the club?

@prithvirao17 – Neymar or Gotze. On a serious note, Lucas(Brazilian) or Llorente

@sidd_arsenal – I would love Ozil and Cristiano and Eto’o  but lets leave it at that. Lol

@saptesh2010 – We badly need a CAM. Ozil or Sneijder

14) Realistically, what are your aspirations for next season?

@prithvirao17 – Wish for a trophy. But to be realistic, there is still missing and we’ll end up fighting for 4th and get it in the end.

@sidd_arsenal – 3rd place, 1 trophy, Quarter finals – champs league. That trophy is either fa cup or Capital One Cup

@saptesh2010 – UCL. PLEASE

15) One thing that you would like to change at Arsenal?

@prithvirao17 – Youth Policy. Thankfully its already changing. We can no longer afford to nurture young players and sell them at their peak.

@sidd_arsenal – Nothing other than throw the garbage, I am quite sure people know what I mean 🙂

@saptesh2010 – THE STINGY BOARD

16) Your favorite player at the club right now? And why?

@prithvirao17 – Robin Van Persie. But because of the latest disaster he has brought in, my second favorite Koscielny.

@sidd_arsenal – Kos the Boss for me, I saw potential in him from the start, when he signed I knew he had something about him which will be good, and thankfully he does!

@saptesh2010 – Alex Song. He was the one who played FABREGAS role as a holding midfielder and even Assist machine. I would say he was better than fabregas.

17) One player, past or present, you think you would have done better than?

@prithvirao17 – None. Even the academy players would do better than me 😛

@sidd_arsenal – Pascal Cygan.

@saptesh2010 – Obviously chamakh 😛

18) Your favorite Arsenal goal?

@prithvirao17 – Adebayor at Anfield, Champions league. But all the credit goes to Theo Walcot’s amazing run.

@sidd_arsenal – Got 3, One Thierry v Real Madrid, Rvp v Barcelona, Fabregas v Tottenham (2 of them)

@saptesh2010 – ARSHAVINNNNNNNN!!!! All 4 goals at Anfield.

19) Arrange in order of hate..Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona, Tottenham, Stoke City? Any other, please mention.

@prithvirao17 – Manchester United

Barcelona, Manchester City

Stoke City









Liverpool {Do we have any reason to hate the loserfools?}

Some surprising names there, and even more surprising, no Tottenham 😀

@sidd_arsenal – I hate only Tottenham,and Man City (not all of them)  I don’t really hate any of the above mentioned clubs, don’t get me wrong I don’t want them to be successful, I really don’t, but they have players who I really like and I respect them.

@saptesh2010 – Manchester United→ Chelsea→ Tottenham →Real Madrid→  Barcelona

20) Arsenal to win the Champions League before you die or a one night stand with the girl of your fantasy? Be honest!

@prithvirao17 – Honestly, the first thing that popped in my mind is the 2nd option. But after some thinking, I’d take Champions leaue for Arsenal.

@sidd_arsenal – Too easy of an answer, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WIN FIRST, SAME NIGHT BITCH OF MY DREAMS

Clearly, he didn’t get the question! 😀 

@saptesh2010 – Winning champions league!!!! That’s my dream. I would rather shag my whole life   😛


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    Its wonderful to read fellow Gooners.

    BTW Supreet, I have started an Arsenal blog
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