Olympics and a transfer round-up

05 Aug

Hello Gooners! Not much news today, so this will be a very short post.

The Olympics have been brilliant, haven’t they. And I am not just talking about the football, of course. All the events have been simply brilliant. A very captivating and emotional experience, I have to say. I haven’t got too much time to watch the entire event, but whenever I have, I sure have enjoyed it. The event that captured my imagination the most was the 20 km walk, which was bagged by the Chinese in a 1-3 finish. However, there was a sad moment, as Russian athlete, Valeriy Borchin collapsed, 2 km from the finish. Let’s all hope he has a speedy recovery.

Great Britain have exceeded most expectations, with their medal tally, this time round. Of course, the Chinese and the Americans still reign at the top. India hasn’t been doing too bad either, atleast not by our Olympic standards. Sports has suffered quite a lot due to bureaucracy and politics. But, it is good to see Saina Nehwal, Gagan Narang and Vijay Kumar bag some medals for the country.

Right, back to the football then. Great Britain were knocked out on penalties (how else?) to the South Koreans. Aaron Ramsey scored one and missed another penalty during regulation time. Brazil progressed after being given a massive scare by the 9 men of Honduras, 3-2. This means the semi-finals will be a South America vs Asia contest as Brazil and Mexico face off South Korea and Japan respectively.

Not much on the transfer front. I am not even going to get you started on Cazorla. Basically everyone in the football world has announced/discussed/knows the deal is done, but there is yet to be an official confirmation. Not much use hanging about waiting for it, unless your life has become so meaningless.

Some interesting rumors on the Sahin deal, then, that Manchester United also are interested in signing the Turkish midfielder, but rather on a permanent deal, instead of a loan. Not too sure, how Real want to play their cards here.

Andriy Arshavin has now been linked with a move to fellow London club QPR, after some recent interest from Fulham. Will sure be interesting to see how this develops. I would like the Russian to stay, because when he is fit and not lazy, he does add something fresh to the attack, when played just off the strikers.

Arsenal have supposedly rejected a loan ‘with an option to sign’ offer of £6million from Besiktas for Moroccan striker Marrouane Chamakh, and that has mainly got to do with the unreliable bank guarantees.

Now, the van Persie saga, which refuses to die. Tomorrow is the Dutchman’s 29th birthday, and the rumours are he has had a change of mind, after the splurge of new signings, and will sign the new deal. I am sure we all share the same sentiments about him as Gooner Daily suggests.

It will take more than kissing the badge to bring me and many Gooners out there to love van Persie, but as long as he can do “his job” on the pitch, I’ll have no problems with him. 

I am pretty sure this saga could go all the way to the last day of the season. There has been quite an empty space since van Persie announced he won’t be signing the new deal. There have been reports of bids from the Italian champions Juventus and the Manchester clubs, but nothing concrete. Let’s see how this ends up.

Finally, my favorite player at the club, the Bac Man, has told that Arsene Wenger is like a ‘dad’ to all of the players. He has struck a very good relation with Lukas Podolski, more like a ‘bromance’, and was quick to praise the German.

The new players in the team are talented. For instance Podolski was named as the Best Young Player at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. He is very young, very powerful and he has some pace and can even score. So, he will bring a lot to the team; we need these kind of players.

We all hope he makes a swift recovery, to remain a model of consistency at right-back, amid rumors that Arsenal could be interested in bringing in the Dutch right-back Gregory van der Wiel from Ajax.

That’s all for today. Have a good week.

Jai Arsenal 🙂


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One response to “Olympics and a transfer round-up

  1. enigma106

    August 5, 2012 at 10:53 PM

    Another good one today Supreetkini.

    I can’t wait for this transfer window to come to an end. The speculation is becoming tiring and endless.

    jai Arsenal


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