Cazorla, finally!

07 Aug

Terrible moments of anxiety, cold sweat, anguish and frustration, and the news is finally here. The club site has finally beamed pictures of a gnome sized, bunny-toothed midfielder from the land of supernatural footballing talent. Santiago Cazorla González is a Gunner.

Me, like millions of Gooners around the world can finally heave a sigh of relief, when there was that lingering suspicion that we could be witnessing a repeat of the Juan Mata episode, where in Roman’s petropounds would sneak Cazorla from under our noses, by cheekily paying half a million pounds more.

First of all, I am really happy to see the guy. His signing, among others has heralded a complete change in the club’s transfer policy. That was the aim wasn’t it, when we moved to the Emirates Stadium, to improve our financial muscle to the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea. We have 3 international players in the bag, and we are still 23 days away from deadline day.

What’s more, we have got them at bargain prices. We were clever enough to activate the release clause in Giroud’s contract, which meant he would come to us for cheaper, while Malaga’s ongoing financial crisis, means that they have had to do some load-shedding. Goes miles to demonstrate Arsene Wenger’s business acumen.

Cazorla revealed in his first interview that he was recommended by Robert Pires and Cesc Fabregas. Pires and Cazorla were teammates at Villarreal, while Fabregas is Cazorla’s international teammates.

I spoke to Robert Pires, we played together at Villarreal,and obviously he knew about the rumours of me coming here and encouraged me to sign. He said it was a really good club and that I would enjoy London.

The same with Cesc, he said the same, that it was a great club. He said I would be very happy here and I would adapt easily. I can feel that even though I’ve only been here a few hours!

It was always a club I liked very much. Because of circumstances in football things have not gone as well as we’d have liked in Malaga this year, but now I’m going to have the opportunity to experience the Premier league and I couldn’t miss it. I’m 27 years old, it was the last train I could catch.I think it’s one of the greatest clubs in Europe.

Of course, this comes with the complimentary “I want to help Arsenal win trophies” part. Realistically, I think we can really prepare for a title tilt the coming season. What do you think? Let me know.

I will be back with more, soon.

Jai Arsenal 🙂


For more photos of our new signing, follow this link. Here, he gives the stern blue-eyed look, stands with the ball in one hand, one photo where he is completely relaxed, a forced smile with the away jersey on, and a couple with Arteta added to good effect.


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7 responses to “Cazorla, finally!

  1. Flo

    August 7, 2012 at 5:35 PM

    Fantastic i luv that welcome dude!

  2. Frankln kimori

    August 7, 2012 at 5:36 PM

    Welcome bro our club we need ur assistance this time round we will support you we as fans

  3. phillips

    August 7, 2012 at 5:39 PM

    I woz w8ing 4 dis moment. welcome aboard man. we ar definately ready for the mixes.

  4. echendu

    August 7, 2012 at 5:58 PM

    AT LAST! The vacuum created by Cesc Fabregas has finally been filled. What a match, a round peg in a round hole. I am much more relaxed than any Gunner’s fans now. A new beginning 4 all Arsenal Family. Thank you very AW, you are a PROFESSOR indeed.

  5. Flavour

    August 7, 2012 at 6:50 PM

    At the end of last season if anyone was listening Arsène Wenger declared that he was going to look at the whole season and see if Arsenal can reposition for the title. He has just done that and he knew areas to strengthen. We all think defence is the problem and forget that our defence is most exposed during canter attack so with good midfield that can defend up high then we will have more possession and more goals no matter the size of the opponent.

    Watching Arsenal beaten by Man City and the mixture of young and old and how indeed they young Arsenal played; I knew we are contenders once more. Seriously Man City will not be contenders this year. You can bet on this. Arsenal is having a double this year. Congratulations Arsenal FC. You don’t need to spend £25 million and Pay 250k per week to sign three world class and three quality players. Who told you because haven’t won trophy players won’t sign for us as the media made us to think.

    Podoski took Arsenal in favour of Man U. Giroud took Arsenal because we create lots of chances and he wants that opportunity to convert these chances. Carzola love Arsène Wenger and our stadium and our style of playing. Money is not all that matters. Wisdom is more valuable than Money.

    • supreetkini

      August 8, 2012 at 12:06 PM

      Can’t agree with you more. The game has become a midfield battle these days, and the signing of Cazorla and probably Sahin will bolster our midfield. It was the lack of cohesiveness in midfield, that led us to create vast spaces for opposition to attack, last season, leaving our defence exposed.


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