van Persie, Ferguson, Song, Podolski and Usain Bolt

10 Aug

Hello Gooners. Unfortunately, with my hectic work schedule, I haven’t been able to balance it with my blogging interests, thus leading me to breaking my own resolution of writing a blog a day. However, here I am with a humble attempt at blogging.

Of course, now that the Cazorla deal is tied up, dissected and analysed over attention has again shifted back to the usual suspect, or rather suspects, Robin van Persie and Alex Song. All of a sudden, it is Manchester United who look to be the most interested in signing the Dutchman. Juventus, who looked favorites to sign, are embroiled in a match-fixing situation with their manager, while Manchester City suddenly do not appear to have the same money, to price out a deal for van Persie. (Surprising as it may seem, they have given up already!)

There were of course rumors that Ferguson had not flown in with the squad prior to their friendly against Barcelona in Sweden, but rather traveled down to London to hammer out a deal. Arsenal have refused to comply to the offers made by the Scot, rebuffing them over and over again, leaving him more pink-faced than ever. The United manager even discussed about it post their loss on penalties to Barcelona, revealing that Arsenal have been stubborn, and he has no clue why we are behaving this way.

This is probably one of the few attacks or rather comments made by Ferguson against Arsenal over the past few seasons, where we have declined as a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to title tilts. The power shift from Manchester United and Arsenal during the early part of the decade, moved on to being a Chelsea and Manchester United affair, but with more oil money being pumped into the game, even Manchester City have joined into the party. All of this hoopla meant, Ferguson diverted his foul mouth towards the likes of Mourinho, Ancelotti and Mancini over this period, instead of Wenger.

Arsenal, who have been financially sound, post their move to the Emirates, finally look to be reaping the just rewards of the same. Now, we have signed three world class players, in Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla, and our squad looks every bit fresh, talented and raring to go as Manchester United, probably more.

Has Fergie sensed that Arsenal is a sleeping giant, again on the rise. Is sneaking van Persie out from us going to make us a weaker team? Only time will tell, I suppose.

Pictures do convey a thousand words according to me. And the indication has been quite clear isn’t it. There looks there is a bit of a self-created rift between van Persie and the rest of the players. He has gone from being the man in the centre of all the training ground drills, to the one cast at one end, beside Arshavin!

No disrespect to Arshavin per se, who looks quite cheerful, despite knowing his time at the club may well be limited. Then, there’s the picture where Wenger and van Persie barely cross eyes with each other, and the one where our cute bear Andre Santos, beats van Persie to the ball, and posts it in Twitter, with a complimentary ‘Bruv’. Make whatever of it, if you can.

There will also be the question of recouping the money that has been spent over the summer. £36 million has been spent, and surely van Persie moving on is the sure fire answer to recouping some of that, or rather most of it. There’s Lukas Podolski, too, who hasn’t been assigned a shirt number. As of yet. These are pretty strong indications, aren’t they.

The mood at the training camp looks light and very cheerful. Good to see Alex Song and Andre Santos involve themselves in a bit of a laughabout. Everyone seems to look good on the cameras. Even Cazorla is slowly fitting into the team, which is good to watch. Our Big Fucking German believes the fact that the team having so many characters, and players from different backgrounds is helping them create a good camaraderie. Of course, he is helping Lukas Podolski settle into the team. Poldi has supposedly learnt English faster than most high school kids do these days. The former Cologne man will no doubt be raring to go against his former employers, the team he grew up with.

Moving on the other major transfer news then. Barcelona have again begun with their old habits. Using their players as bait to sing praises of one of Arsenal’s player, and eventually hoping to lure him into contract talks with their own club. We may have already heard of Andres Iniesta and Sergio Busquets involving themselves in some Song courtship. Recent rumors are that Barcelona have offered the services of Christian Tello as part of a deal that would take Song to the Nou Camp.

It is a puzzling deal, and with the season coming in so close, would it be the right thing to do to reshuffle your midfield, and let one of your best midfielders leave. Certainly not. Not even if they are offering one of their young hotshots to make the deal sweet. Far too often, we have been bullied by the Catalans, when it comes to transfer dealings. This is the summer, where we need to take a stance, and reject all of their approaches.

The silence on the part of Alex Song is quite surprising. He hasn’t denied the interest, nor has he made a big fuss out of it, by saying he doesn’t want to say. By the looks of it, he looks oblivious to what’s going on, adding to the revelry in pre-season, with his usual, happy-go-lucky nature, and keeping the rest of the squad in good spirits, with his pathetic dressing sense, flamboyant hairdo’s, among other antics. All we can hope is for the 1st of September to come as quickly as possible, with Song still at the club.

Apart from the above, there has been very little from the transfer mongers. Niklas Bendtner, Sebastien Squillaci, and Park Chu-Young remain Arsenal players as of now, though conspicuous by their absence in the training pictures. Again, will be interesting to watch how the club manages to offload these players.

The deal for M’Baye Niang from Caen could take a u-turn, as he looks impressed by the facilities that Milan have. The deal of the week of course was Lucas Moura signing for PSG for a whopping £35 million, which seems to have ignited the steam coming out of Ferguson’s ears. Too much for a 19 year old kid he said. Like Rooney costed him a dime. The old bugger.

There’s this sensational news as well that proves time is finally catching on with the Scot. Apparently, he has agreed to give Usain Bolt a trial at Manchester United. Has he gone crazy. Does he take it be a joke. No disrespect to Bolt, he is the fastest man on the planet after all. But he is no professional footballer. Crazy days in football.

We have our own speed merchant, Theo Walcott of course, who reportedly can clock 9.9 seconds in a 100 meter dash, losing out to Bolt by .36 seconds. It is a completely different ball game with the ball at your feet, no doubt. Walcott looks set to stay, with all rumours about him almost dying out.Also, dying out are the Sahin rumours, who has now attracted interest from Liverpool and Tottenham.

That’s all I have for you now.

Oh hang on, you have to read this absolutely hilarious piece by Arseblog. These are the squad profiles for the next season, and they are a laugh riot! 😀

Jai Arsenal 🙂


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One response to “van Persie, Ferguson, Song, Podolski and Usain Bolt

  1. Pst Joseph

    August 10, 2012 at 1:03 PM

    Wenger should give song a new contract now, we should not wait umtill he has only one yr left.


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