Fire at the Emirates, Diaby, Wilshere and Sagna

07 Sep

Hello Gooners. Raise your hands in frustration if you are dreadingly looking forward to what is going to be an empty weekend, devoid of any Premier League action. Well, yes, the prospect of a weekend without Arsenal does look very bleak.

The internationals always come at a very irritating time of the season, after just 3 weeks of league football. Of course, last time, it did help our squad as they went off after a particular humiliation, and came back fresh, to restart the season. This time round, though, we have had a solid start, and to regroup the players after another international break, post any injury concerns, will take some time.

There is not much news to give you guys, at the moment. Of course, there are a few mumblings here and there and of course a fire at the Emirates Stadium. Arseblog presents some interesting causes, and luckily no one is hurt.

The Liverpool win has bought about some, if not a l lot of optimism among the supporters. Fans can forget so fast. Just a day previously, we were all fretting about the lack of any transfer action, but goes to show how a solid win over a good team can do wonders to the morale of fans.

The major concern for all fans now will be the fitness of the players over the course of the next week, as they head to different corners of the globe to represent their countries. The most impressive player against Liverpool, Abou Diaby, too, has been selected for the French national team.

While there were scores of us fretting about his never ending injuries and his physical fragility, the fact is we have seen a rejuvenated Diaby. The injury break may have done him more good than harm, as ample rest has just allowed him to slowly work on his fitness, and probably help him even feature in at least 30 of our league fixtures this time round.

There was no doubting the lad’s talent. Those who have seen him play in earlier seasons know he has got some amazing close control. His role in the first 3 games this season has been likened to the one played by Yaya Toure at Manchester City. While it is not defensive per se, it is not too attacking either. What Diaby does best is provide a link between defence and attack, which against Liverpool, saw him effectively link up the Spaniards Arteta and Cazorla. This allows Cazorla to completely free himself, which will be pivotal for our attacks this season.

Another player who will be returning from injury soon enough, and one that the fans have been waiting for quite a while now is Jack Wilshere. After an impressive first season in the team, in 2010/11, he injured himself in a friendly pre-season last year against New York Red Bulls. Return dates kept postponing themselves, for over a year, and the manager says he should be back to first team action by October.

His return should give us more options in midfield, and should the manager decide to restructure or rotate the midfield, it will be a bonus to have a committed box-to-box player like Wilshere waiting in the wings.

Speaking of options, despite the Russian transfer window staying open for longer than most other leagues, it seems like we will be holding on to Arshavin for a bit longer. Or is it the other way round. Personally, I think a player like Arshavin is always an asset to have. Yes, he had a really bad time last season, and the booing certainly didn’t help him at all. But, he deserves another chance to shine.

It may not come easily, considering how far behind the order he has fallen. But, isn’t that the stuff of great players. To fight adversity. Maybe this will be his chance to prove his worth to the fans and the manager. Tomas Rosicky too will be waiting patiently for his chance, but again, if he is at his best, he will be an asset to have.

Moving on, Arsenal chairman aired his views on a few areas regarding the club, and it has left everyone a bit confused. You can read the full interview here.

Bacary Sagna, too spoke out this week, citing concern about the policies of the club, and they were pretty straight forward. Like everyone else, he too is flummoxed at the departure of Alex Song to Barcelona.

I expected Robin’s departure,But Alex, that was a surprise. He’s 24 and had three years on his contract.When you see your two best players from last season leave, you ask yourself questions.In the street, supporters sometimes come to see me. I can understand that they’re annoyed. I’m like them – I don’t understand everything.In May, I watched Manchester City’s parade on television. I watched Samir and Gael lift the trophy. It makes you want that.

Again, very confusing statements, which may or may not be the indication that something is not really right behind the scenes at the club. The transfer policy has been continuously criticized by players who have left, and now even by players who are at the club. Again, I leave you to judge that.

That’s it for now.

Jai Arsenal 🙂


If you missed yesterday’s post, you should read it. It is a rewind into the club’s youth policy over the past few years, and focuses on the goalkeepers and defenders who were at the club at the time. Apologies for a little bit of self promotion! 😛


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2 responses to “Fire at the Emirates, Diaby, Wilshere and Sagna

  1. soneye juwon

    September 7, 2012 at 1:01 AM

    God will help us dis season at least one trophy

  2. Okey henry

    September 7, 2012 at 12:21 PM

    Is to bad for allowing our star players living the club every season’ for robin van persie he deserved to live because he did not extend his contract with the club, but for Alex song to barcelona that transfer pains me alot we would have not let him go at any cost but with “abou daiby s” performance against i personally think that we will have any problem in that holding midfield position and with the returning of jack wilshere i hope we will quote the doubters & win a silver…..gonnaz till enterity


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