Blazing Cannons completes a year!

18 Nov

18th November 2012 marks the completion of 1 year of my blog, Blazing Cannons. And what a year it has been.  For Arsenal. For me. And, for the blog of course. There was no better ocassion to mark this milestone, than last evening’s thumping of Tottenham!

The blog has made me sit up to 4:00 AM some nights, to complete writing articles. I have used too much office bandwidth, for collecting pictures and stats. Read too much stuff online, to help improve my blog. Forced friends into submission into reading some of my precious articles.

The blog started off with the frustrating 1-1 draw against Wolves at home. Typical Arsenal!

Gervinho, er, celebrates, er, opening the account for, er, Blazing Cannons!

Infact, the first few days, we were horrendous. We lost to Fulham, Swansea and Manchester United. Of course there was the Henry return and all of that. But, I really had thoughts whether my blog is the reason for this ultra capitulation. Blazing Cannons would have met a premature end.

But, life trudged on, and despite more calamitous games like Milan and Sunderland away, we, and the blog did come roaring back into life, with some fantastic games, against Liverpool, Sp*rs, Milan, Newcastle and Manchester City. Heady times. Of course there was St. Totteringham’s day as well.

Then, the summer happened. You know everything about that sucked. Yeah, the Euro’s did keep me engaged for a while, but it sucked. Football without Arsenal is not football.

The big announcement from Robin van Cunty shocked you and me. But, the arrivals of Giroud and Cazorla cushioned that a bit. Of course, that’s before the cunt decided to join Manure, which made me pour my thoughts, like never before!

This season, too has been hard. We handed a footballing lesson to Manchester City, played a fucking unbelievable game at Reading, endured some frustrating moments against Fulham, before thrashing Sp*rs yet again, yesterday!

And, here we are, a year later. Blazing Cannons has so far attracted 260,156 viewers, at the time of writing this post, from 256 articles published, including this one, which roughly makes it over 1000 viewers per article. No bad, eh! Facebook and Twitter are two avenues, which I have discovered very lately, to get my blog really out there. But I have a healthy 183 likes on Facebook, and a reasonable 203 followers on Twitter.

So, here’s a big Thank You, to all those who keep reading my blog, and I surely will try my best to post every single day, a resolution which I have made and failed miserably since.

And, before I forget, thanks to the fantastic Facebook communities of CEC Football Freaks, and Bangalore Gunners (, who keep me alive at times! 😀

Thanks to Arsenal India Supporters as well, who I blog for consistently! Sorry for the recent lack of articles 😛

And, last but not the least, the brilliant Arsenal blogging community. There are too many to name really, but the best ones, definitely are Arseblog, Arsenal Arsenal, Arsenal On This Day, Gooner Daily, GoonerholicPoznan In My Pants etc! They keep the blogger inside me alive! 😀

Sorry, if I have missed out on anyone! Thanks to you as well, Sir/Madam!

So, here’s to another year of Blazing Cannons! Cheers! 😀

Jai Arsenal 🙂

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And do like, the Facebook page as well.

Go ahead you lazy bum, that’s all I ask of you!


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2 responses to “Blazing Cannons completes a year!

  1. enigma106

    November 22, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    Congratulations mate…

    Thanks for mentioning my blog with the likes of Arseblog and all…


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