Sh*t just got Monreal!

01 Feb


I woke up this morning, yes, a bit shocked. We had actually bought someone. And, the first thing I did was google this Nacho dude. I couldn’t believe my eyes, when all Facebook fan pages were blurting out welcome messages for this new signing, supposedly considered to be, er, our savior. And, the news flash on meant that this sh*t was for ‘Mon’real! Sorry.

I am pretty sure most of you chums, like me, have limited knowledge of the La Liga, its teams, and its players, outside the perennial giants, that are Real Madrid and Barcelona. A little interest was ignited in Malaga, post the transfer of Santi Cazorla, and the club’s exploits in the Champions League so far.

So, my first instinct was to read his Wiki bio. Not much in it, and not too shabby either. Well, he is a Spanish international. So, surely he has got something about him. At present, the first choice left-back for Spain is Barcelona’s Jordi Alba.

Supposedly, the club have been following his career for quite some while now, but the fact that it took so long to wrap up a deal, plus the factor of Kieran Gibbs’ injury also playing its part, makes the transfer a bit more shady.

But, I am not complaining. Left back has been a problematic slot for the club for quite some time now. Gael Clichy manned the position for 6 seasons, after the departure of Ashley Cole to Chelsea. But, since then the club has had to rely on the injury prone Kieran Gibbs, and an inconsistent, and defensively incompetent Andre Santos.

Santos, like Monreal, is an international, but so far his performances give little indication of that. He is caught out of position far too often, gets beaten easily by wingers, and positionally he is the worst left backs to wear an Arsenal shirt, unless you count out the likes of Armand Traore.

It would be interesting to see what Monreal would bring to the table. He ain’t the most intimidating of defenders, if his build is anything to go by.This is how Arsene Wenger described the Iberian’s qualities.

We bought Monreal as a left back but he can play as well as a left-sided midfielder. We bought him as well because we believe he can integrate into our style of play and adapt very quickly to that.He has the characteristics to play our game because he is very mobile, has a good left foot and is very good in combination play. That is vital in our style of play.

What Arsenal have lacked at the back is a consistent defending unit. The injuries to Kieran Gibbs, the poor form of Andre Santos and Thomas Vermaelen, and the inexperience of Jernade Meade have all been detrimental to the defending. Monreal would hopefully bring some stability to the left back spot, with his experience.

Enough of the boring stuff! Let’s welcome our new acquisition into the club. More coming up in the Stoke preview tomorrow.

Jai Arsenal 🙂

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2 responses to “Sh*t just got Monreal!

  1. fidelis24

    February 1, 2013 at 11:44 PM

    he is not wel built right? is jodi alba better built ? guy grow up football is in d head

  2. Michael Fournier

    February 2, 2013 at 1:03 AM

    Don’t know a lot about this player ether except he is very highly rated in Li Liga but Clichy is highly rated in the EPL and we all know he was prone to defensive blenders at first. Funny you bring up Ashley Cole so let’s touch in that one. I really feel the LB saga at Arsenal is a microcosm of the state of the whole team. the departure of top quality EXPERIENCED players like Ashley Cole regardless of how talented the young players that where asked to fill their roles where/are is the reason Arsenal has failed to win a trophy since this youth experiment started.

    What wenger should have done all along was to sign a top ready made replacement for EVERY top player we lost and NOT tried to make one with a youth (no matter how good) trying to do on the job training.

    Even Ashley Cole when he first arrived had his moments of WTF is he doing. BUT once he had experience he is arguably the best LB in England. When he left Clichy was not the finish product yet but we made due and he eventually was quite good and when he was getting really good what did we do we SOLD him to start all over again with yet another young talent.

    THIS has been the mistake over and over in just about every position on the team for years now.

    And I blame one man and his name is not Wenger (although he was the one that runs the show) NO that one Man is Cesc Fabergas not because he was bad no exactly the opposite he was a Phenom in the 03-04 season following a injury to Vieira he stepped it the first team and at only 17 he was amazing he continued in the first team stepping in for both Edu and Gilberto Silva, This kid was the real deal and with the Departure of Vieira the following season secured his place. BUT he was NOT really the same mold as Vieira or Edu or Gilberto he was amazing but he was asked to be more then any of those others alone but to be what all of them where. It took it’s toll on him and eventually Wenger changed the formation moving cesc forward. BUT he was so good at such a young age he cemented in Wenger’s mind that you do not need to buy expensive ready made players no talented youth is all you need. It was wrong then and IT is still wrong minded thinking it only took this long to materialize Just how wrong because of just how good Cesc was. And as Good as Jack Wilshere is he is NOT Cesc Fabergas and no one is. And wenger is also doing to Jack what he did to Cesc asking TOO much of him. remember even when Cesc was young and being asked to fill big shoes look who he had around him still.. Pires, Ljungberg Bergkamp, Henry. Who does Jack have? Where is the Bergkamp? in today’s squad?

    So many may differ with me and say signing players will hurt the chances of our young stars but I feel the opposite Wenger is hurting these young players by asking too much of them before they are really experienced enough to handle it the the normal gradual introduction of young players into the first team behind older experienced players in the right way as the young players develop and the older players a start to get older (and usually more injuries and need more rest) the young players start to get more playing time. Instead of just letting them learn the hard way at the expense of the team. AND the expense of their own careers and self confidence hay when you mess up in a reserves match a hand full of people and a few press that cover the youth team see it and they are somewhat forgiving but you mess up in the first team your the scape goat of the weekend with every paper and internet blog telling you and the world how crap you are. Is tat really good for a young player? Is it really a good thing Wilshere and Walcott where called up to the senior England Squad AND the U21 in the same year? NO it was not And who’s fault was that Wenger and Cecs Fabergas for making Wenger think boys can fill the boots of men.


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