Bangalore Gunners Screening Pics – Chelsea vs Arsenal, 20/1/2013

28 Feb

I am lucky to be a part of an awesome bunch of Arsenal supporters, who sleep, breath and drink Arsenal. An exceptionally fanatic fan club, known as Bangalore Gunners.

If their Facebook page is anything to go by, Bangalore has an estimated base of about 21,000 Arsenal fans. They organize screenings almost every weekend for Arsenal games.

I managed to get a break from my work, and make a trip down to Bangalore, to watch the game with the gang at Dugout, a sports pub. To add to the atmosphere, there were about 60-70 fans from the Chelsea Bangalore Fans Club who had descended down.

We may have lost, but it was an epic evening of continuous chanting, taunts and the usual banter. Here are the pictures!

421730_10151295803758585_1234217229_n 542339_10151295800028585_1384760621_n

486896_10151295801533585_1233781719_n 602725_10151295802768585_603516667_n

^^That’s me! 😛

166572_10151295804068585_358204602_n 550006_10151295804628585_135987640_n 555304_10151295809108585_1389543815_n 601084_10151295808503585_437130208_n 150597_10151295809553585_3091056_n 150926_10151295810408585_762678837_n 155084_10151295809948585_1301012416_n 184605_10151295806483585_754675746_n 428042_10151295807158585_361274723_n 528948_10151295807753585_1299204858_n 530796_10151295810608585_144737472_nIf you are wondering who the extremely pumped up guy in last season’s away kit is, let me introduce you to Sachin, the ‘self-proclaimed’ hooligan of Bangalore Gunners. Boy, he does have loads of chants up his sleeve! 😀

Coming soon, pics of the Aston Villa screening! Hang around!

P.S – Special thanks to Jijo, the in-house photographer of the group, proud owner of a KTM Duke bike (Thanks for the drops buddy :P) and of course, a big Arsenal fan!

Jai Arsenal 🙂

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