It’s Time For the Leibster Awards!

28 Mar

Ah! The blog is back! And by the looks of it, still breathing! Well almost. Blogging definitely is a major commitment you take upon yourself, and now I really understand how hard it is to blog everyday!

This blog was started way back on November 18, 2011, and since seen many ups and downs, be it related to Arsenal’s form, or the blogs. I have come across some amazing bloggers over the past year or so, and they all have helped me in improving the quality and content of my own blog!

One of them is enigma106, who runs Gooner Daily, and I am honored that he has nominated me for the Leibster Award, an award given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. I definitely do not have 200 followers! 😀

The rules are as follows!

  1. Thank the fellow blogger that nominated you
  2. List 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer the questions the blogger has asked you in the post you were nominated
  4. Nominate 11 other people
  5. Ask the 11 nominees questions as well
  6. Last and definitely least, let them know that you nominated them

11 random facts about yourself!

1) Well, I am a mechanical engineer by degree, but working in software by some evil twist of fate, and now looking out for a MBA degree, to escape this arduous life!

2) Arsenal has been a big part of my life, from way back in 2004! Barely missed any Arsenal games since!

3) I am surrounded by a bunch of morons, football pigheads, and glory hunters, namely ManU fans. I am sure every Arsenal fan on the planet shares the same fact!

4) I am part of Bangalore Gunners, and CEC Football Freaks! The former is a Bangalore based unofficial Arsenal fan club, and hoping the club gives us the official fan club tag some time soon! The latter are a bunch of football fans from my college days, and of course there is loads of banter!

5) I suck at football. But, I personally feel I could do better than Francis Jeffers or Pascal Cygan.

6) I have done some crazy stuff, in order to watch some Arsenal games!

7) Have 5 Arsenal jerseys! Henry Home 2006/2007, Unnamed Home 2011/2012, Dutch Cunt Home 2011/2012 (which I want to burn, but holding back on the temptation), Vermaelen Home 2012/2013, Arteta Away 2012/2013!

8) I have a great set of friends, and I love them all! Cheers to you guys! 😀

9) My favorite cities in the world are in the following order – Mumbai, London, Bangalore, Muscat!

10) I also am a featured writer for Arsenal India Supporters and Sportskeeda!

11) Best day of my life of course was July 23, 2009, when I visited the Emirates Stadium, for a stadium tour! Have a dream of visiting the stadium to see Arsenal parade the Champions League and Premier League some day!

Answers to enigma106‘s questions!

1) If you have a gun with only one bullet in it and you’re to use it to kill anyone in the world, who will it be and why?

Ans) My college principal definitely tops this list.

2) Where will you like to spend your honeymoon with your future spouse? (disregard this Q if you’re already married -__-)

Ans) I haven’t really thought about this, but I would have to say somewhere in Europe. You can help me fulfill this dream by sending in contributions! 😛

3) How did you feel after Robin van Persie left to join Manchester United?

Ans) At first there was no reaction, really! A few days later, absolute contempt and disgust! Oh, and he is probably second in the list of people I want to kill!

4) If you have a chance to screw any of the girls that have acted alongside James Bond in his movies, who will it be and why? (This isn’t for ‘These are not Memoirs’ and ‘Rated Erotic’ – I know you’re ladies)

Ans) Halle Berry, do I need to say more?

5) If you have a chance to be anywhere in the world right now, where will it be and why?

Ans) Emirates Stadium. Cannot fathom any other answer now!

6) How did you get interested in writing?

Ans) It just happened! Guess I was naturally talented! 😛

7) If you had the chance to date any celebrity at all, who would you date and why?

Ans) As a real date, Priyanka Chopra! She is beautiful, mesmerizing, mouth gaping hot and smart! Otherwise, I would love to meet Arsene Wenger over a cup of coffee! That would be fascinating!

8) Which would you prefer to have this year – 10,000 more page views or 100 more followers?

Ans) 100 followers. Nothing better than a solid fan base!

9) If you ever played Mortal Kombat, who was your best Kharacter?

Ans) Raiden. Loved his thunder :p

10) What would you rate as your greatest achievement so far?

Ans) Ah! This is tricky! I have to say it has to be the hybrid car that I helped build when I was in the third year of my graduation! Those were some unforgettable memories, working with some really close friends!

11 Blogs I would like to nominate!

Gooner Daily

Arsenal Arsenal

Chelsea Newsletter

Victoria Concordia Bergkamp


Mashed Musings

Desi Gunner

Chronicles of Almunia

Armoury Square

Arsenal on this Day

Arsenal OneTwoFive

And, here are the questions for my nominees! Go Crazy!

1) Arsene Wenger or Alex Ferguson? And why?

2) Which player would you take back at Arsenal? Fabregas, Adebayor, Nasri, Clichy, van Persie, Toure?

3) A multi million pound job or being paid peanuts to be the boot cleaner at Arsenal (which means access to watch all games)? Which job would you take?

4) If you had all the weapons of the world at your disposal, how exactly would you utilize your new ammunition?

5) The hottest female who walked the earth, from your point of view?

6) One thing that you regret not having done?

7) You are Jens Lehmann. Champions League Final 2006. Samuel Etoó breaks free and is approaching. Would you a) Stick to your lines, stay safe and hope he miskicks or you pull of a wondrous save. b) Do what he did, foul him and get a red card. c) Do what he did, foul him, get a red card and punch the referee right in the middle of his face.

8) Your favorite Arsenal moment/game? And your worst one as well?

9) If you were to be assigned with random superpowers, what three would you ask for?

10) If you weren’t an Arsenal supporter, which club would you choose?

11) Are you a pro-Wenger or anti-Wenger? If anti, why?

Well, that’s it I suppose! Keep the chain running! Happy blogging and happy nominating! 😀

Jai Arsenal 🙂

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Go ahead you lazy bum, that’s all I ask of you!

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One response to “It’s Time For the Leibster Awards!

  1. Tushar

    March 28, 2013 at 5:46 PM

    Seriously, i am overwhelmed that you have nominated me. Any kind of appreciation always help in boosting the morale.

    Will come up with my Leibster post soon.

    Thanks.. and cheers for gunners


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