Everton 3 Arsenal 0 – Quick Reviews Part 3

29 May

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Everton 3 (Naismith 14, Lukaku 34, Arteta 61 (O.G)) – Arsenal 0

Continuing with the series, we move on to the rather dissapointing, harrowing, brutal bloodshed of a massacre of a football match. Everton mauling Arsenal. Well, sort of. 3-0.

With Arsenal’s title challenge looking derailed, and their 4th place looking in danger of being snatched by steely Roberto Martinez, Arsenal definitely needed a positive result at Goodison Park. What they got was some beautifully wrapped Toffees, looking delicious on the outside, but on opening they turned out to be shit bombs that tasted like puke, as Everton went on the rampage.

This Barley guy, he’s decent, innit? He made an international defence, with 198 caps between them look like a bunch of drunken sods from that dirty bar down your street. Steve Naismith, that Scottish international, looks like he’s in his late 40’s but runs around like a little squirrel and he was quick to pounce upon Szczesny’s not so safe hands in the 14th minute.

And then that clone of Didier Drogba, Romelu Lukaku came motoring down like a bulldozer, crushing Arsenal’s little London cabs. His shot was simply unstoppable. Arsenal looked so sluggish in midfield, they would have done worse than a snail clambering up a mountain. Mirallas and Barkley could have expanded the lead, but for timely intervention from Szczesny.

Mikel Arteta completed the rout, scoring an own goal against his former side, courtesy pressure from Steve Naismith.

If that was not enough, India lost the World T20 Cricket final.

All in all, a bad bad day.

Jai Arsenal 🙂


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